It must be said that these memorials can only be fitted in certain cemeteries.

Therefore you must ensure that your loved ones are within this section.

Within this selection please take note that these memorials shown come in a range of colours, size and shape with or without the designs shown, which are also interchangeable.

castleton_small.jpg cayton_small.jpg coniston_small.jpg farndale_small.jpg harewood_small.jpg helmsleydetail_small.jpg helmsley_small.jpg laytham_small.jpg
newshamstamford_small.jpg newsham_small.jpg sandholme_small.jpg york1_small.jpg york2_small.jpg profiles_small.jpg cobaltblue_small.jpg greenglass_small.jpg
greygranite_small.jpg icewhite_small.jpg lilac_small.jpg p2quartz_small.jpg polishedpebblewet_small.jpg slate_small.jpg turquiose_small.jpg whitemarble_small.jpg

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