These memorials are ideal for cremation plots that can be very small, being similar to tablets but with a more elaborate design.

Vases are a perfect additional memorial that can be placed alongside an existing memorial. These are an ideal and fitting tribute for family, friends or colleagues may wish to place a small memorial in their honour.

Cremation tablets and plaques

We are able to fix a memorial immediately after an internment in most Churchyards and Cemeteries; this also applies to cremated remains being interred in a full size grave, as no ground settlement is required.

photo_small.jpg copy_small.jpg photo2_small.jpg photo3_small.jpg photo4_small.jpg photo5_small.jpg blackgraniteheartvase_small.jpg blackheartvase_small.jpg
bluepearlsquarevase_small.jpg castletonvase_small.jpg cfp110720_small.jpg cfp110723_small.jpg darkgreybookvase_small.jpg darkgreypolishedwedge_small.jpg darkgreyshapedvase_small.jpg desktablet_small.jpg
lavenderblueshapedvase_small.jpg marblevase_small.jpg newscrolldeskblack_small.jpg newscrolldeskgrey_small.jpg olliebearonvase_small.jpg rubyreddesktablet_small.jpg shapedvases_small.jpg squarevase2_small.jpg
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