Memorials for children are very emotive and difficult to choose. Cemeteries often have regulations specific to children's plots, and we can help you with what is permitted, and how best to go about finding the right memorial for your needs. In this section you will find quite a range to choose from, however if you have seen a memorial elsewhere that you like, then we are proud to say that we can reproduce the same memorial be it smaller, larger or a different colour.

tumblingtedwine_small.jpg bentley_small.jpg bigteddyblack_small.jpg bigteddyred_small.jpg bubblesqueak2after_small.jpg fairyalphabet_small.jpg fairyinscription_small.jpg fairytalecastle_small.jpg forestrays_small.jpg
furryfriends_small.jpg makeawish_small.jpg olliebearonvase_small.jpg photoplaqueted_small.jpg shootingstar_small.jpg shootingstars_small.jpg sweetdreams_small.jpg teddyonmoon_small.jpg tumblingtedblack_small.jpg

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